say vs. do

A CHI-WEB post pointed at the Customer Experience workshop notes, written up by Kevin Doohan. Lots of great […]


Location, Path & Attribute Breadcrumbs was Keith Instone’s poster at ASIS&T’s IA summit. If you dont’ mind holding […]

sleep on it

Listen to To the Best of Our Knowledge – Sweet Dreams, Sleepless Nights — Bob Stickgold’s experiments with […]

cracking books

Low-Tech Research in a High-Tech World a gentle and sensible introduction to old fashioned research. We are not […]

ethonographic adventure

Consuming Rituals of the Suburban Tribe takes us on an anthropological adventure into the exotic land of the […]

who innovates for you?

The Intel Lookout Rethinking Corporate Research: Why does the world’s biggest chip maker outsource so much research? Old […]

online banking grows

Gomez Advisors: Online banking increasingly popular in US “There are 13.6 million US Internet users that actively use […]

privacy in danger

‘Web Bugs’ Are Tracking Use of Internet “Many people who have personal Web pages are unknowingly tracking people […]