drupal is hard

drupal is not easy. Reading the forums reveals I am not alone. Reading this write up explains why. […]


from the facinating essay :: phpPatterns() – Templates and Template Engines “So your web designer decided for you […]


I’m installing drupal on widgetopia to prepare for a more group-blog experience. some weirdness may occur. nothing to […]

a virtual test lab

A friend recommends Browser Cam :: Browser screen captures in any browser, any version, any operating system.


From Yahoo! News – The Eight Biggest Tech Flops Ever “What distinguishes a simply bad product from the […]

useful tool

MT Extensions: MT-Medic 1.34 for those of you who don’t follow all the Mt activity that closely, do […]

3.0 is coming to town

Looks like I complained too soon… News announces that 3.0 will feature “Comment registration. As a response […]

the unsexy secret of broadband

From Yahoo! News – What, You Don’t Have Broadband Yet? “I’ve got a buddy who’s equally into high-tech […]