The rich get … well, not happier.


from Paradox of Choice. this explains so very much to me.

And the answer is yes, it’s getting better, though he still beats every point within an inch of its life.


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    I’d like to see the economic model for publishers encourage *smaller* books that people actually want to finish with price points that still allow for good margins. Would people be willing to pay more for a smaller, better book? Will eBooks — through lower costs and disintermediation — deliver better products at lower prices and higher margins? Let’s hope so!

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    Mark Thristan

    This is just common sense in many ways – the leap from a straw bed to cotton sheets is obviously greater than that to silk or satin. Interestingly (this was reported in Le Figaro on April 26 ), the British Medical Journal recently published research to indicate that the “richer” one becomes (in the sense of living in an industrialised economy), the more one suffers from hypochondria. (for some reason this initially got blocked for questionable content, so I’ve removed the French article title!)

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