researching the researchers

they get it: quite a while on the Jupiter site, there was a terrific article on relanches and the dangers that lie with them (such as massive user bailout at the horror of trying to learn something new, no matter how much “better” it was) One of the ways to mitigate this was to inform user of an upcoming redesign and solicit feedback on it. Amazon did it for their new navigation. Alta vista does it here

redesigns are in the air:
from “BROADBAND Walkthrough:
(Thursday, 3 August 00) Adobe completely sheds its old corporate image
with a dramatic redesign of its Web site. Aimed at fostering a sense
of community, the site features expert QuickTime tutorials, interviews
with noteworthy designers, online galleries, forums, and a free
virtual portfolio area. By Jeff Burger.”

Speaking of Jupiter, and their research compatriots, I’m reading “how to lie with statistics” that appears to have been written in the 30s and makes quite entertaining light reading.

also found this

Salon: From September 2, 1999; Jupiter shoots for the moon


Boston Globe: Fortunetelling.
Ideas, visibility, and marketing drive that image. Forrester’s researchers are
paid based on a complicated formula that considers their involvement in
closing sales and appearances in the media.

lately the CHI-WEB list has been talking about exercises in pointlessness (sites that are pure marketing tools and provide no value to user)
included were

here is a resource to make your life saner: standard banner sizes