PublicSquare bumps B&A traffic up.. why?

According to Alexa, moving B&A to the PublicSquare platform bumped up it’s traffic significantly and it has maintained the higher number. I’m curious if anyone has theories about why. Before we were on Movabletype…

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    Austin Govella

    I’ve noticed two things:

    1. The feel is different. I think this new feel makes people retur more often and entices new visitors to visit.

    No real clarity on the new feel. It just feels different.

    2. New UX communities are emerging. In discplines, there’s been an uptick in interest in UX due to the recent growth in IxD, and it seems we also have a new batch of IAs, as well. Along these same lines, it seems like UX communities are maturing and emerging from outside of the US and Europe. I may be wrong, but I’d swear we’re seeing more community participation from India, Korea, and Japan.

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    Is that a count of unique visitors or pageviews? If the latter, perhaps the new platform uses some kind of iframe or ajax technique that increases the raw pageview count…

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    I think the community features – like rating and ranking story ideas help as well. It gives people more reasons to browse and interact with the site and the content. These are features that can’t be printed and used offline like the straight articles.

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