privacy in danger

‘Web Bugs’ Are Tracking Use of Internet

“Many people who have personal Web pages are unknowingly tracking people who visit and sending the information to third parties, according to a new report.”

The modern identity

“How are new technologies changing our public identities, both formal

and informal?”

NetValue: Germans heaviest users of online porn

“More Germans visit adult sites, and spend more time at them, than

people in any other European country, according to NetValue.” no comment from frau wodtke…

Parks Associates: More US homes to use broadband

“Parks Associates predicts that 10.7 million US households will have

broadband Internet access by the end of this year, up from the

current figure of 8.6 million.”

Venture Economics: VC funding remains buoyant

“Latest research from Venture Economics and the National Venture

Capital Association indicates that US venture capitalists have USD45

billion available to invest in companies.” give it me. I’m starting a German porn company.