Information Architecture, Blueprints for the Web Books: Information Architecture: Blueprints for the Web Since I’m biased, I’ll let Don Norman do my talking for me. He recently wrote this blurb after reading a late draft:

“At last, a book about the technical topics of web architecture and usability that is fun to read, informative and authoritative. Wodtke’s style is that of story telling which gives the book its friendly, easy to read manner, but the stories also make clear why the principles are so important. And don’t let the word “Architecture” throw you. Yes, the book is about architecture, but it is a lot more. It is how to break through the creativity block, why paper and pencil can be superior to a computer, and even how to convince your fellow workers to give you an extra two weeks of time. Easy to read, good insights, practical advice: what else do you want?”

Don Norman,
Northwestern University and The Nielsen Norman Group
Author of “The Design of Everyday Things

You can also check out the book site and the book review.


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    I loved first chapters. My opinion is that the topics are very broad: (forget my English) psicology, investigation, user testing…

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