from Boxes and Arrows: Deliverables and Methods: Special Deliverable #8

Client: I want tabs across the top of my homepage, like my favorite site, [fill in high-profile ecommerce site here].

You: We can look at using tabs, but we first need to establish the main purpose of the site.

Client: Can the tabs be green?

You: Once we figure out the main navigation categories, we can make some decisions about how the page should look. But we can’t even figure out navigation categories until we understand the kinds of information you’d like to make available.

Client: We have a lot of information, but I only want one row of tabs.

good article.. funny section!


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    True story: Friend of mine had a client who would have his secretary print out the website and judge how good it was by how thick the stack of paper was.

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    Ah, yes, the old “dunfloo” method. That’s an old method of grading papers in school where the teacher stands at the top of the stairs with a stack of papers, and flings them down the stairs. Whichever one done flew the furthest gets the bestest grade, based on the theory that a heavier paper will be more stable and fly further, up to a point.

    First time I’ve heard of it being applied to web sites, though.

    I think Dan left out the bit in his article where the IA pulls out a gun and shoots either 1) the client or B) himself.

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