Graphing Social: Dan Fernandez

Getting tired again, moving to commentary mode.

people want to be creative, but can’t write code. many non-pro coders also. 107M nonpros. reaching out to garage coders. xbox released a tool for noncoders that let them make their own games, and built community around it.

Users are the stars… like Digg, treat them like rockstars, take good care and feeding of them.
Your software should embrace self expression– if someone wants a duck thats magenta, let them.

You’ve got to let people entertain themselves, other: example the faceook ap that lets folks throw virtual poop at each other.
sometimes i despair for the human race

Popfly lets you build mash-ups, like pipes, but easier user interface.

for the “I dont’ write code”-

  • free
  • client side file hosting
  • works with open source ajaz frameworks
  •  better tool support coming
  •  400+ “blocks” like facebook, digg, google earth
  •  share your aps everywhere in iframes
  •  full control of code

built on silverlight i assume someone knows what that means

the only “whoa” from the audience came when he resized the browser and it resized perfectly. heee, we are such geeks!!!

great funny quote: “I’ll just show it in the gratuitous 3d view”

he just mashed up facebook and asteroids. you can shoot at your friends. it could even fit on your profile, because of the good resizing. pointless and awesome.

each node has modifiers, for example technorati you can get bits of data like search summary and you can give it parameters.

jim says this interface is what visual effects developers have been using for ever and are considering moving away from.

now he’s showing how users add to profile. I’m tuning out….

and I never came back.


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    I’m not one for demos, and it was too fine grained. I’m more into learning, perhaps more about the people who its for, and how it will change their lives.

    It’s possible I wasn’t your audience. Or maybe it was just too much time for what you had to say. I’d rather just have an account and play!

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