Community, Social Software, and Web 2.0

I gave a half-day workshop a month or so back, and I meant, I really meant, to write it all out. Well, At urging of friends, I’m going to promise I’m going to go through this, slide-by-slide (with some exceptions such as “break: be back here at 3:15) and get out into the world what I’ve figured out about this connected age we are in. That promise will hopefully lock me down to blogging about that rather than say, Amelie the marvelous and beautiful. Or pork chops.

The original deck:

The first four slides do the usual job of introducing the talk. One point worth bringing up is I decided to represent myself via my various profiles. I was amazed at what the act of juxtaposing my profiles on one page showed. They acted as puzzle pieces, showing a more complete picture of who I am that most people could ever get… in fact, if comprehensive, more complete than I might want to share. It will be a good question for the aggregation companies: how do you continue to give people the ability to manage their appearance online once all the pieces are in place?

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