It’s Not Easy Being She

tl;dr If you knew having a woman’s name would sink your sales, would you use a pen name?  Writing […]

How to Choose

I’m overwhelmed. You are probably overwhelmed also. The last week, it’s been my inbox. I’ve got so many […]

Sunday Report. Status: Giddy

Reminder: if you love these blog posts, buy my essay collection. Keep me writing! “I look into Christina […]

Breaking Point

I worked in restaurants for many years before I fell in love with the internet. If you wait […]

Sunday Report

I got a request to bring Sunday report back into play. It makes sense, since Gleanings, back when […]

My Year in Highlights

Here are this year’s highlights from my reading on the kindle. I find it interesting that I barely highlit […]

Favorite Reads in 2014

In 2014, I went everywhere. That’s a topic for another post. But travel means lots and lots of […]

DO DO: A Productivity Game

I’ve been blocked for two days. I kept sitting down at the computer to work, then I’d get […]